Does anything say December like Big Time Brewery’s Old Wooly Barley wine?

Old Wooly Barley Wine

Old Wooly Barley Wine

A gorgeous mahogany color, this is a hearty beer for the darker days of December. Smooth and hoppy, it shows the best aspects of both malt and hops. The nose is more malty caramel than hoppy but this isn’t a sweet candy beer. That caramel is chased by the hops, giving the caramel taste but not sweet syrupy coating you find in some malty winter brews.

Drew Cluey

Drew Cluley, Big Time Brewery

This definitely has the Drew Cluley stamp on this Washington beer. This is the first vintage of Old Wooly Barley Wine with Drew as the head brewmaster at Big Time Brewery. This Seattle favorite brew retains its legacy in many ways but the bitterness is amplified but not out of balance.

Currently on tap for $4.75 , the Old Wooly is served in a goblet to remind you of the 10% ABV content of this beer. You may need the reminder because as you are sipping this doesn’t come across as an over the top boozy beer. The alcohol is well balanced in the flavor profile but you will feel it after a couple of these.  Old Wooly Barley wine is also available in 22 oz bottles from the brewery.