Noäel Holiday Ale: Elliott Bay Brewery

On Tuesday, Elliot Bay Brewery released Noäel Holiday Ale. Ed and I are huge fans of seasonal beers and of Elliot Bay Brewery, but this one wasn’t making the cut for either of us.  The Noäel Holiday Ale is a deep and dark unfiltered organic wheat beer.  The slightly sour notes, common in an unfiltered beer, are some of my favorite flavors in a beer.  I loved the way this beer starts out in my mouth, complex and a tad sour. I loved the chewy mouth feel of this winter seasonal ale. My love affair ends when the dark roasted malts in the lengthy finish of this beer starts to remind me of bitter coffee.

Ed is not a sour beer fan. He doesn’t appreciate the taste and aromas of Brettanomyces like I do.  We agreed over the chewy mouth feel, and he loved the bitter roasted malt flavors. I won’t go into our proposed solutions so I could enjoy the front end of this beer and he the finish, but suffice to say it wasn’t something we could accomplish with ease and elegance.

This isn’t a bad beer it just wasn’t to our personal palate. Noäel Holiday Ale is currently on tap at Elliot Bay Brewery and they will be pouring it next weekend at the WABL Winter Brewfest. Tell us what you think! What do you think of this Washington Dunkel Weizenbock (dark wheat beer)?

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