New Belgium Trip 4

The Trip is a series of beer collabeerations between Elysian and New Belgium. The Trip IV pays homage to the Finnish style Sahti beer. This beer is all about the juniper baby! Elysian and New Belgium use every bit of the juniper: bark, berries, and root.

This is a dark amber colored brew with a subtle sweet nose of vanilla. On the tip of the tongue, it is silky smooth and subtle. Mid palate it bursts with coconut and slightly sweet vanilla. Well balanced bitterness keeps the sweetness in check and the finish evolves into what you would think is hopland with a tinge of resin. It isn’t the hops, but the juniper that adds the bitter and the resin to this tasty brew.  At a tasting at the Seattle Beer Authority, people were split on this beer. It is NOT a subtle beer and it overwhelmed some. I wouldn’t call it a session beer but if you want to sip and savor a truly unique beer, give the Trip IV at try!

The Trip IV is only available in the Northwest, on tap, and for a limited time only.

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