May Brewer of the Month: Seattle Beer Week

Instad of celebrating a single brewer of the month this May, we decided to turn our attention to devoting our attention to all of the great brewers that are contributing to Seattle Beer Week. From Hop Monsters to delicate blonde ales to the darkest and richest of stouts, Washington brewers have been amazing us with their great brews.

We extend a warm and hearty thank you to the Seattle Beer Collective, composed of Mike Baker, Nat Pellman, Ian  Roberts and Matt Younts, for taking the initiative and pulling this spectacular event together. While recognizing the tremendous amount of work, dedication and organization that it took on their part to bring this to fruitation, it is the brewers who are the real stars during this celebration.

We are going to do our best to attend 1-3 Seattle Beer Week events a day. It is a tough job but somebody had to do it! We will be posting our reviews and our finds here on the blog. Since we can’t possibly cover all of the events, we invite you to share your reviews and experiences here with us. It should be a blast, let’s get those kega tapped!

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