Maritime Old Seattle Lager

We decided to meet up at Brouwer’s Cafe before the Fremont Oktoberfest, to plot our beer tasting strategies. Of course, this discussion had to happen over a brew!

lager I wanted something light in alcohol and body but not necessarily light on flavor.

This yellow ale is crisp and bright, full of flavor.  The hops have pleasing citrus tones and  this beer is lightly malted. It is truly taste like the lagers Seattle used to make. No way does this beer have any pretenses. At only 4.3 ABV, this works a session  beer. It is a good basic beer. Although I tend to go for a bolder brew, it was an excellent choice for a pre-event beer. Consider.this lager any time you don’t want to sacrifice flavor but don’t want a big buzz or feel too full.

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