Maritime Decompression Ale: A Beast represents Seattle Beer Week 2011

In his post on the Seattle Beer Week web site, Maritime brewer Corey Blodgett stated

“Little did I know that Decompression, an American Strong Ale brewed exclusively with the Falconer Flight hops, would become a beast.”

decompression ale

Decompression Ale SBW11

I am telling you that brewer is not lying! The Maritime Decompression Ale is a big, bold beast of an ale. Dark amber in color, this ale has a dense head that would last an hour if I could stop myself from drinking it before then.  It has a complex hop aroma profile that makes it difficult for me to easily identify the different hops in this brew. Part of that may be due to spring allergies but when you understand that is ale is blessed with 14 different hops you might forgive me. The Decompression Ale is brewed with Falconer Flight hops, a hop pellet created to honor legendary brewer Glen Hay Falconer and the benefits from the sales of Hop Union’s Falconer Flight Hops™ benefits the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation to assist aspiring brewers with their education. Read more about the Glen Hay Falconer legacy, foundation and Falconer Flight Hops™. Corey Blodgett was a beneficiary of the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation and brewed this ale in honor of Seattle Beer Week and in gratitude to Glen.

Back to the beer. (Note: even after doing all of my research on Glen and Falconer Flight Hops, the Decompression Ale is still boasting a dense, albeit diminished in size head that leaves a gorgeous lace with each sip.) This beer is all about the hops that welcomes you on the nose and stay with you through the long finish. On the tip of your tongue, hops and malts greet you as twins in perfect balance. As the ale cascades over your tongue, the smooth malty notes step forward before stepping back to let hops take the stage on the finish.  It is the malt-hop balance that impresses me most about this beer. They are like perfectly matched dance partners who know when to be in tandem and when to let their partner take the spot light.

Maritime Decompression Ale is available in 22oz bottles in the better beer stores. I picked mine up for $5.99 at Seattle Beer Authority on my way into work. I will be heading back there to grab some more of this beauty. I am excite to try this beer on tap at the Seattle Beer Week kick off party at Maritime on 5/19 5:30pm.

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