The Lake City IPA from Elliott Bay Brewing is an opaque deep amber color brew with pleasing hop bite upfront. This brew is balanced by the malty smoothness before settling in for a lingering and bitter ride on the finish.

Lake City IPA

Elliott Bay's Lake City IPA

Crafted with the classic “3 C’s”:

  • Cascade hops
  • Centennial hops
  • Chinook hops

This Washington IPA pays tribute to piney resins on the finish but unlike many Northwest IPAs, it doesn’t hold your tongue hostage. You can savor that piney bitterness without wiping out your palate for food or another beer.

My schooner of the Elliott Bay Lake City IPA Was the virgin brewing of this new house brew for Elliott Bay Brewing. Brewmaster Bill Jenkins crafted this beer from his own recipe and brewed the first batch on February 24, 2012. I enjoyed this IPA and Bill gave the virgin batch a B+. I did notice the Lake City IPA was more opaque than I anticipated. Bill explained how brewing in a construction zone required some creative flexibility and that he is working more on fining with these new kettles. I am looking forward to tasting how this brew evolves but it is already pretty tasty coming out of the gate.

Elliott Bay BrewingCheck back tomorrow for a review of the new Lake City Elliott Bay Brew Pub.