Black Raven La Petite Mort: How Could it Get Better?

The only way Black Raven Brewing La Petite Mort could get any better is to age it in bourbon barrels. This was the Ed and Jeramie’s favorite beer at the Washington Beer Commission Winter Brewfest last night and I would have to agree with them so far.

Black Raven Brewery

Black Raven Brewery

The regular Black Raven Brewery La Petite Mort was released on 7/14/09 on Bastille Day and I raved about the regular La Petit Mort earlier on the blog. But, this one? WOW!

The ingenious brewers at Black Raven put this strong abbey brown ale into the barrel shortly after release, where it sat developing more character, complexity and fruit. The fruit flavors are reminiscent of wine more than a syrupy fruit beer. Think of holiday fruits like plum, raisin and dried apricot. You can taste the bourbon overtones but this isn’t a boozy highball in a pint glass. It has a bit of caramel but it is subtle. Great mouth feel on this very tasty brew.

This is a very special Washington beer! It makes me want to lounge in front of the fire and with an ABV of 8.8%, I want to do that lounging with a loved one!

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  1. Vivian says:

    This is one incredible beer! The layers of aroma and flavors were reasons to sip and try to hoard the rest from the other guests. Most amazing to me was the aroma of coconut on the nose. I wonder if the bourbon barrels were made of American oak.

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