Main bar at McMenamin's Olympic Club

Main bar at McMenamin's Olympic Club

The third stop on the WABL Southend Brewery Tour was the  McMenamin’s Olympic Club in Centralia. We were lucky enough to enjoy our lunch in the this historic “gentleman’s club”. This building is a true treasure, full of history and beauty. Check out this gorgeous Tiffany lamps at the main bar!

This is much more than just a fancy main bar and spectacular urinals (sorry folks, no pic of those!). It is also a hotel, theatre and of course a brew pub with great beer and food.

The guys opted for the manly fish and chips while I did the girl thing and went for the  yummy Brewer’s salad.

We tried three beers but I wish I had time to sample a fourth. The Nitro Espresso Stout was getting rave reviews.

  • Terminator Stout
  • IPA
  • Pale Rider

The Terminator is the classic stout of McMenamins and it didn’t disappoint.

The IPA was full bodied with lots of hops to revel in.

The Pale Rider was brewed especially for this WABL event. It was light, bright and crisp. Ed thought it tasted grapefruity and I would agree that it had that same sharp citrus flavor of a grapefruit. It made it a truly refreshing brew. It was simply crafted with the minimum of ingredients which can be a lot trickier to do. When a beer is pared down to the essence, there is no room for error.