Anacortes Brewery: Imperial Fresh Hop Rye Pale Ale

Imperial Fresh Hop Rye Pale Ale, from Anacortes Brewery was one of the highlights for me at the WABL 4th Anniversary Party held Nov. 7th at the Seattle Center Rainier Room. Part of this beer’s intrigue is that the guys were late bringing in the keg so inquiries could be heard at every table, “Where is Anacortes Ale?” So, the good news is, I and the other IPA beer-hounds got to taste this delectable full bodied beer. It had wonderful floral hop notes and had that marvelous Grapefruit like bitter flavor that I appreciate in an IPA. The “rye” element was lost in the hoppiness of the beer but as it was the only IPA I tried that day. I was in heaven. Oh, and the bad news, well it was my 10th beer tasting so other than to say it was tasty I cannot provide more insight into this ale. Guess I am headed back to Anacortes and the Anacortes Brewery.

Wait! miracles… I took tasting notes….they are legible AND I found them.  The IBU is listed as >100 so we have some uber hoppiness going on here. (Warn your non-IPA appreciating friends)  The ABV is 7.7 percent and over 40 pounds of hops were used in this batch.

One last item related to this particular beer at the event.  They came late and yet they were the first brewery to run out.  This was announced to all.  Come to find out it was not a full keg,  but that just reenforced the need to find and obtain your favorite brews before your friends do!

UPDATE: Craig Schwartz tells us that the new Porterhouse in West Seattle has this tasty brew currently on tap.

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