Our first stop of the South-end WABL brewery tour was Harmon Brewery and Restaurant.

We tried five different beers on this stop:

  • Puget Sound Porter
  • Point Defiance IPA cask conditioned
  • Scotch ale
  • Chili-ocolate
  • Scott’s Puget Sound Vanilla Porter

I didn’t manage to get a sip of the Puget Sound Porter, but hopefully Jonathan will pipe in the comments.

Ed loved the cask IPA, It had more resin than I like, but  Ed was one happy camper with this hoppy beer.

The  scotch  ale had a nice malt  flavor but it could have benefited from a little more pow! for my palate. I  prefer my scotch ales to be big, but this one is probably great for pairing with the food at the restaurant. This wasn’t a food stop for us, but the food looked good and smelled great as it passed by our table.

Chili-ocolate was a really interesting beer. Think of a Mexican mole sauce and you have an idea of what this beer is like. It is silky smooth with a great balance of flavors. Not too much chocolate, not too much chili, Ed and I both really enjoyed this one. I could envision this as a great food pairing beer, as well as a wonderful sipping beer. I am already regretting that I didn’t growler this one.

We liked the Vanilla Porter. It was another smooth one. Aged with three vanilla beans, the vanilla was more of an essence than an overbearing  flavor. You won’t mistake this as candy, this is a porter with a great vanilla essence!