Hales Ales Bucephalus Blended Sour (spring version?)

Hales Ales Bucephalus Blended Sour is one very thick cloudy brew. I mean brew as in a witches’ brew as much as a beer brew. It looks a bit sinister and dangerous. This is a beer for the courageous.

Hales Ale Sour

Bucephalus Blended Sour

I have had Hales Ale Bucephalus before but this batch was definitely different than what I remembered from the WABL Winter Brewfest last winter.  Tonight, I sampled this sour beer as part of Duck Island Ale House’s Sweet and Sour Night for Seattle Beer Week.


Separation and sediment

This version of Bucephalus had a lot of nutty notes and reminded Ed and I of peanut butter, in more ways than one. The mouthfeel was a bit gritty and the sediment started to settle out slowly in the half hour I took to drink my schooner of this beer. It added to the witches brew character of the beer.

The nose was peanutbutter + Brett. I didn’t like this beer much right out of the tap. It seemed more bitter than sour and I was missing the wood, fruit and boozy notes that I remembered from the Winter version. I remember going back for seconds on the Bucephalus during Winterfest!

As it warmed up a bit, this sour beer got more complex and  much more enjoyable. It kept reminding me of crunchy nuts but it also picked up some peach brandy notes and I started getting some of those yummy toasty wood flavors that I remembered from previous Bucephalus.  I would have given the winter version of Bucephalus a Trade for Sexual Favors ranking but this version ranks much lower

This is a big, chewy brew made for sloooow sipping.  It was a striking contrast to the Deschutes Dissident. also on the Sour side of tonight’s menu, which is clear amber with  bright refreshing sour flavors.

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