The head on my Hale’s Ale Nitro Cream Ale was incredibly thick and creamy. It was served with a good 1″ head that I could have eaten with a spoon like soft ice cream. This cream ale was a light copper copper with a mild flavor characteristic for a blonde ale both in terms of malt and hops.

If I had been in the mood for a beer to sip and savor solo, I would have preferred something a bit more distinctive. But, I was hungry as well as thirsty, so I wanted a good pairing beer. The 74th St Ale House menu proclaimed that this beer was great paired with everything and I could taste how this Hales Ale Nitro Cream Ale might live up to that claim.

I paired it with fish tacos served on a salad dressed with a zesty chipotle chile and orange vinaigrette. The salad dressing was seriously spicy, to the verge of where the heat masked the flavor. The Hales Ale Nitro Cream Ale was a silky smooth complement to ease the burning sensation the salad dressing left behind. I like spicy. I ate from the true street vendors in Thailand and lived to tell about it. But once you get to a certain heat level, particularly in a mild climate like Seattle, you lose the flavor and only feel the burn. That salad would have been uncomfortable to eat without Hales Ale Nitro Cream Ale pairing. Hopefully it was a fluke and not the standard dressing. On the other end of the spectrum, the chipolte marinated fish was slightly bland.  Definitely not the same chipoltes that were in the salad dressing! The fish was delicately cooked, light and not over cooked. The corn salsa was a bright and crunchy addition. Here, the Hales Ale Nitro Cream Ale was on a more equal footing with the food. The corn salsa in particular brought out more of the sweetness of malt, giving it a more complex flavor that I thoroughly enjoyed!

The Hales Ale Nitro Cream Ale is a good pairing beer and a fair sipping beer.