Pyramid Brewery has released their limited edition Brewer’s Reserve H7 Imperial IPA with all of the aromas of a spring bouquet. The H7 Imperial IPA gets that amazing assortment of aromas, and its name, from the SEVEN different hop varieties used to brew this special seasonal beer. This is not a bitter hop bomb,  it is actually surprisingly sweet for an Imperial IPA.

Pyramid Breweries Brewer’s Reserve H7 Imperial IPA  is a deep amber colored hazy beer that is bountiful with luscious fruit aromas like pear, pineapple, lychee, mango, grapefruit and lemon. Some floral notes, especially honeysuckle, malts and our old friend pine round out the nose on this Washington beer.

This Imperial IPA is relatively viscous, medium to full bodied in your mouth. The fruitiness and the surprising sweetness start early on and linger before the abundant hop flavors kick in. Three malts are used to balance balance the plethora of hoppiness on the finish where pine prevails over the other assortment of hop flavors.  Pyramid’s brewers hopped H7 three times during the boil: once in the whirlpool and twice in fermentation.

  • Apollo
  • Chinook
  • CTZ – Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus
  • Simcoe
  • Amarillo
  • El Dorado
  • Calypso

You might think that with that many hops in the kettle that the flavors would get muddied and indistinct. It is true that I couldn’t identify all the hops by name but certain flavor profiles came across clear, even in this unfiltered Imperial IPA.

Pyramid Breweries Brewer’s Reserve H7 Imperial IPA is springtime sweet and packed with a variety of fruit, floral, citrus and herbaceous hop flavors. This Washington Imperial IPA is not shy about its high alcohol content.  It is 9.5% ABV and you will smell that alcohol when you put your nose to the glass.  It drinks “hot”. You know you are drinking a high octane beer, this one won’t sneak up on you.  

Eileen liked Pyramid Breweries Brewer’s Reserve H7 Imperial IPA but it wasn’t her favorite Pyramid beer nor her favorite Imperial IPA, preferring less sweetness in her Imperial IPAs. I can think of two other Wine Beer Washington tasters who were not present (Jonathan & Vivian) who might have declared this their favorite all time Imperial IPA!

Pyramid Breweries Brewer’s Reserve H7 Imperial IPA 

Available April – July

9.5% ABV

Sold in 22oz bottles or 1/2 and 1/6 kegs

*This bottle was provided as a sample for our unbiased  review.