I had a delightful time chatting with Ryan from Fish Tale and Barry of the Seattle Beer Authority while tasting Fish Tale Ales as part of Seattle Beer Week.

We started with their new  Organic Blonde Ale. I must admit that I am not usually that much of a Blonde Ale fan, I have to fight too hard to find the flavor. This blonde ale was an exception. Ryan thinks it is the addition of the rye that makes the difference and I would agree. This would be an amazing hot weather beer. Light and refreshing but not watery.

Next up was the Fish Tale Organic Wild Salmon Ale. This was sparkling clear and bright, much like the rivers our salmon used to be able to swim in. The brightness is due to the organic Yakima hops added late in the brewing process.

Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale is a gorgeous amber color. This medium bodied ale is smooth and well balanced between the sweet malt and bitter Hallertauer hops.  This was my personal favorite of the tasting tonight. It was crisp with a tinge of sweetness and a great complexity.

The last ale was the Fish Tale Organic India Pale Ale. It is hoppy and would appeal more to Ed than my palate. This is definitely his kind of beer.  The  organic New Zealand Pacific Gem hops has a very assertive resinous flavor that forms the structure of this award winning IPA.