The final stop on the WABL South-end brewery bus tour was Elliott Bay Brewery Company in Burien. The brew pub was bustling with Saturday night activity but made room for us illustrious travelers.

We had a fantastic assortment of beers to choose from. The beer offerings ranged from Pilot Light Ale to Highline IPA to Lagers to No Doubt Stout to Pro-Am Barley Wine.

Jonathan and I were loyal Washington beer drinkers with Pro-Am Barley Wine and the Marzen Lager. The traitorous Ed went Belgium with the Lindeman’s Framboise. We have to admit that after a long day of drinking, Ed made the smart move in going for a dessert.

We love Elliot Bay Brewing Company beers and I was digging the festive party atmosphere. Even if we were seriously under dressed in comparison to the symphony group in tuxes and long dresses seated next to us! But, after the long day of tasting great beers on the tour, we all appreciated the change of pace that the Framboise offered.  Even the couple seated next to us were gratefully accepting sips as a palate cleanser. Elliot Bay Brewing was smart for including it on their menu for times like this.