Elliott Bay Brewery- Celebrating Hops!

This week Elliott Bay Brewery is celebrating the mighty hop with a number of special hoppy IPAs, and special IPA/food pairings on their menu.  We  had the Hail to the Hop sampler and the cilantro pesto salmon with angel hair pasta and sauteed vegetables.IMG00314-20090930-1615

Hop Von Boorian:

This is a cloudy pale golden Washington brew, reminiscent of a hefeweisen.It has a fruity forward taste that rapidly evolves in to hoppy good bitterness. Lots of hops but not so much that it totally overrun the malt.

Dry Hopped IPA

This was the most bitter of the Washington hopped beers in the sampler. Clear, golden and oh so hoppy! Long bitter finish that goes on forever.

Fresh Hopped Cask Conditioned Elliot Bay IPA

This was served warm, at room temperature,which made it really aromatic. it was almost flat due to the cask conditioning. It was intensely bitter

Elliot Bay IPA

This is an intensely bitter beer that paired well with their suggestion of salmon with cilantro pesto. A crystl clear golden beer, with lots of pine resin on the finish.

Imperial Von Boorian

A tad bit sweet, this beer is a great amber color. This was hands down Ed’s favorite. It has a honey and melon aroma and at first sip it is sweet on the tongue. This medium body beer evolves and finishes with a long and classic bitter IPA flavor.

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