Congratulations to Diamond Knot Brewery, on October 15th they will be celebrating their 15th Anniversary! For 15 years, Diamond Knot Brewery has been crafting some of Washington’s favorite brews. Diamond Knot was founded by Brian Sollenberger and Bob Maphet. Now the partners are a foursome with Pat Ringe has master brewer and Andy Easton, Manager.  Best known for their award winning IPA, Diamond Knot crafts a wide variety of Washington beers.

Diamond Knot Taps

Diamond Knot Taps

Here is a listing of the current Diamond Knot beers that we were lucky enough to sample.

Diamond Knot Vienna

Gorgeous, deep reddish amber color, this lager is crisp with Vanguard hops and imports a lovely floral hop aroma. Full bodied lager with a lingering finish. This beer is available to mug club members only through 10/7/09

Vader Ade Schwarzbier

A deep dark lager, this has a great nutty malt flavor. Full bodied lager with character and complexity but not too heavy.

Industrial IPA

Intense citrus aroma with a bit of floral thrown in. It has 25% more grain and twice the hops of the standard Diamond Knot IPA. It also clocks in at 8.2% ABV. I preferred this one because I really appreciated the malt balance of this beer. It was BIG and BALANCED for me. Definitely not a session beer, but I am a happy girl savoring one of these. This was the clear winner at the Beer Authority’s David vs Goliath show down.

Golden Ale

They call this a classic American style ale and we agree. It is a pale gold session beer.

Steamer Glide Stout (nitro)

It is a very subtle, light bodied stout. This dry stout has smoky overtones.

India Pale Ale (IPA)

According to Ed this is the pentultimate IPA. It has a floral almost Geranium aroma and flavor on the mid-palate. It has hops front middle, back and all over he says.

Brown Ale

Carmel colored Brown ale  has a hint of caramel in the malt profile before the Glacier hops kick in with bitter spice. A well rounded and balanced brew, great for session drinking.

Possession Porter

A coffee porter that Ed can appreciate. This is not like drinking cold coffee, the carbonation makes the difference for him. This porter doesn’t have an identity crisis. It never forgets it is a beer.


This is definitely the bitter one of the lot. It may tease with a bit of malty sweet at the tip of the tongue then it is all about the BITTER baby!

Summer Blonde

Another session pale gold lager. This a lightly flavored lager has bit of sweet malt on the finish whereas the Golden Ale is all about the bitter hops on its finish.

Diamond Knot Samplers

Diamond Knot Samplers

Of course Diamond Knot Brewery is renown for their beer but they also proudly serve Washington wines: