On the fourth night of the Diamond Knot Brewery Anniversary party, they were pouring the 2007 Slane’s Irish Ale and the 2006 Shipwreck IPA. We missed the party that night but we were lucky enough to catch these two beers the next night.

For those of you who dislike the bitter hops of IPAs, you may appreciate this Washington beer with a long malt finish.  Bean did not like this and complained about a  “watered-down coffee finish.” (This said with a look on her face like she is passing a kidney stone.)  I like the beer; well I like coffee, and I am all about the bitter.  It was a classic example of different palates. The flavor of this Irish Ale hits more in the back of the mouth, and for me the malt comes through loud and clear.  I am enjoying this beer, but to be honest I am looking forward to finishing that Shipwreck.