Bean and I are here at Diamond Knot Brewery for the closing night of their 15th anniversary party.  Tonight, they are pouring a vertical tasting of their Winter HoHo 2005-2008, but the kegs aren’t going to be tapped until 6pm. That was the bad news, the good news is that they still had the special anniversary beers from Wednesday night available: Diamond Knot Brewery’s 06 Shipwreck IPA and 07 Slane’s Irish Ale.

I am now tasting the 2006 Shipwreck IPA…WOW!!! It had the lovely hoppiness I associate with Diamond Knot beers but it is amazingly sweet and has the aroma and flavor of pineapple.  It also has high alcohol content.  Dan, one of the brew masters, said that this beer was made with oak chips soaked in port.  This is an AMAZING Washington beer.  We had ordered just a schooner of the Shipwreck  put one of the waitresses brought a pint instead.  Bean was going to send it back but I put a quick stop to that once I tasted it.  The Industrial Ho! Ho! is going to have to be mana from heaven to top this.