Damned Spot STRONG Scottish Ale – Big Time Brewery

This is a BIG Scottish Ale from Big Time Brewery. Clocking in at 8.5% alcohol according to Sarah, this tastes like an even more potent brew. The Witches of Macbeth have nothing over the brewers at Big Time Brewery when it comes to concocting a powerful brew in their kettles.

Damned Spot Strong Scottish Ale is served in a brandy snifters due to the high alcohol content and to better appreciate the heady and intoxicating aroma. It is a gorgeous deep carmel color, very similar to a brandy. It is as tasty as it is beautiful.  It has a silky smooth malt mouth that finishes with a nice bite of hops. This is a sipping beer, it is not designed to guzzle. It is a perfect beer to sip and savor while blogging about beer at the Big Time Brewery. It is so rich and potent that one of these is enough to satisfy this gal.

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