Size does matter when it comes to Big Wood. Every year, Brouwer’s Cafe celebrates the beauty and brawn of barrel aged beer. Big Wood kicks off on December 5th at 11:00 am and continues through the weekend. At the opening bell, Brouwers will have up to 60 taps of barrel aged beers. As the weekend progresses barrel aged taps will be replaced by other kegs but some special, extremely limited kegs will be tapped AFTER 11am Dec 5. Keep checking back over the weekend to see what surprises are on the  current draft list.

Barrel aged beers may mean a particular taste to you, but don’t miss out on the diversity of barrel aged beers.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Beers

barrelbeersSize does matter when it comes to barrel aged beers. For me that it is really true for the bourbon barrel aged beers. There is an art to balancing the beer and bourbon flavors and aromas. Some people want no more than a whiff of bourbon to accent their hops,,, others want basically a bourbon neat with beer on the side. Bourbon barrel aged beers can be overwhelming boozy. Personally, I like my bourbon barrel aged beers a bit on the boozy side but never forgetting it is a beer. I really like the sweet spiciness and bitter hoppy blend.

Wine Barrel Aged Beers

Wine and oak can lend interesting and intriguing flavors to beer.  Most often, Bordeaux barrels are utilized to add elements of fruit and tannin to the malt/hop flavors of  the beer.  White wine barrels are used less frequently but contribute to some delicious beers as well.  Two different types of sweetness and two types of bitterness adds great complexity to the beer.

“Buggy” Barrel Aged Beers

I love sour beers and they usually come from “buggy” barrels. Brettanomyces  yeast is a wine maker’s enemy and they want to get rid of any wine barrels infected with Brettanomyces. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure when turned over to a brew master who has a thing for sour beers. Wild yeasts are often rigidly controlled but wild yeasts can craft a fun ad funky beer. Note how  Efeste Feral Sauvgnon Blanc barrels live a another live at Black Raven Brewery to ferment their Saison.

Big Wood is a celebration of all styles of barrel aged beers. Which will you try first?