Boundary Bay Brewery’s Bretta Whiskey Fever is part of their “Bootlegger Barrel Series” released on the Winter Solstice.

The 2015 Cabin Fever, Boundary Bay Brewery’s winter seasonal is the base beer of this special release. The Cabin Fever is an award winning beer in Boundary Bay’s line up, winning multiple Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup Awards.

A strong ale or “winter warmer” with dark red-brown color and a very rich malty flavor. The Cabin Fever is a big beer, deceptively strong, it tastes very smooth thanks to extra long cold conditioning. Released in Late Fall/Early Winter.

Boundary Bay Bretta Whiskey Fever

Boundary Bay Bretta Whiskey Fever

Boundary Bay Brewery describes their Bretta Whiskey Fever as 

Released on December 21, 2016 as part of our Bootlegger Barrel Series! We invited Brettanomyces to party with our 2015 Cabin Fever in Dry Fly Whiskey Barrels. After eight months, things got funky fresh. Bretta Whiskey Fever’s touch of wood and whiskey get down with a mellow bitterness in this totally far out brew. Feel the funk!
21°P OG (Original Gravity) // 45 IBU (International Bittering Units) // 9.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume)

Sealed with a hefty cork, we needed more than just to remove the cork cage to open the bottle, we needed a corkscrew! need a corkscrew, that cork is THICK. It may have taken a couple of minutes to get the bottle open, but it was worth it. Subtly sour, whiskey notes slightly overtook the brett on the nose: little bit more boozy than bandaid!  

Not only subtly sour on the nose, it is subtly sour on the palate as well. We felt it would be a great introductory sour beer for people hesitant to try sours. Ed can get fatigued by some sours but he eagerly stated he could easily drink a whole bottle of Bretta Whiskey Fever that it was so smooth and rich.

Eileen and Maltese approved Bretta Whiskey Fever

Eileen and Maltese approved Bretta Whiskey Fever

I really liked it, with the the sweetness in the middle with sourness at the end, sort of like a sweet tart. The sour notes on the nose also smelled kind of cheesy to me. I really thought this was a good cheese beer, that it went went well with the cheddar that we had out on the tasting table. I also like how it was pretty bitter, and how the bitter faded out into the finish

Boundary Bay Brewery Bretta Whiskey Fever

**Available in 22oz bottles in the Boundary Bay Brewtique while supplies last.

*We received this sample bottle for review from the brewery.