Bodacious Beverages at Beveridge Place Pub

Also known as WTF, the Bodacious Beverage night of Seattle Beer Week features the rare, the unusual and the brews that make you ask WTF?

Arranged in 10 flights of 4oz snifters, there is a taste treat here for just about everyone.

  • The Great Oak
  • “Pep” Rally
  • The Juice bar
  • Taste of the Wilderness
  • Tart and tangy
  • Breakfast Time
  • Distinctively Hoppy
  • A taste of Belgium
  • Easy Drinkers (by ABV)
  • Bombastic (by ABV)

Those that know me well will not be surprised to hear that I went for the Tart and Tangy

Anacortes Sour Tripel– Pale yellow-orange and slightly opaque, this was crisp and refreshing much like a lemonade on a hot summer day. It gets even more lemony as it warms to room temperature.

New Belgium le Fleur Misseur – this was the hoppiest one in this flight by far. It was spicy with cinnamon when served cold but the cinnamon spice seemed to disseminate as the brew warmed. (yes the beer has a chance to warm to room temperature when Ed isn’t here to help me!)

Trade Route Sweet and Sour Ginger – This was my favorite in the flight. Very full bodied  with a rich mouth feel this  brew is bursting with fruit and spice. The richness is slightly reminiscent of apricot nectar. The spice and hops add a great balance to  this beer. It could have been too thick and cloying but not in the hands of Trade Route. I would be happy indeed if I could keep some of this in my fridge this summer. I would love to serve this with spicy Thai food!

Boundary Bay Ginger Peach Blonde – More gingery goodness in the Ginger Peach Blonde but these two ginger beers couldn’t be more different. The hops are prominent in this crystal clear ale. The aroma and first taste is all about heady peach sweetness but the finish is all hops. It was actually a little jarring to my  palate. I think this ale would benefit from a bit more time to really blend the fruit, malt and hops. I think it would be quite exceptional then. Right now, the strong hop after taste seems to interfere with the next sip to go from so bitter to so sweet and back to so bitter again. If your palate needs a wake up this is the beer for you.

Northern Lights Blueberry Cream Ale – I needed to clear my palate a bit to truly appreciate this ale. The flavor is very delicate. This smooth ale is a pretty peach color. It is an easy drinker. Just a tiny bit sweet, it is well balanced with a mild hop profile. This is something you can grab and sip on a Friday night as you let the work week slip away.

I also decided to try a single taste of Pietra Corsican Chestnut Amber. This was a gorgeous amber color. It had a malty nutty sweetness to it with a crisp hop finish. It was very smooth but the hops kept it lively.

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