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Silver City Brewery Specialty and Seasonal Beers

Last Sunday was the perfect day to take a quick ferry trip across the water on a sunny day to enjoy beer, games, tacos and good beer- loving friends during Silver City Brewery ‘s very first Partner Appreciation Day. The beer was cold, the  Ziggy Zoggy 4-Square action was hot and the food was tasty.  Twelve special selections from the Brewmaster’s library were available to taste in... read more

2011 Fremont Oktoberfest Tips

With our unseasonably warm weather and the great planning of Bold Hat Productions Fremont Oktoberfest has been my favorite event of the season.  The beer tasting garden tents were increased and spread out more so the few lines that formed moved quickly. Multiple tasting lounges, sponsored by various breweries, provided a retreat for revelers. Friday evening at Fremont Oktoberfest was fun, festive and... read more

Silver City Brewery Celebrating 15th Anniversary

I love creativity when it comes to beer  BUT what really impresses me is when a brewery celebrates not only their creativity, but the craft and expertise in their beers. Silver City Brewery has been doing that for 15 years. On September 10th, Silver City Brewery will be celebrating their 15th Anniversary and launching Oktoberfest with one heck of a party! The festivities commence with the Brewmaster VIP... read more

Playing with Pirates at Pillager’s Pub

Ahoy! Last week, Pillager’s Pub celebrated its first anniversary with swashbucklers, food and drink specials and a lot of good brew from Baron Brewing and Three Skull’s Ales. Once you found a parking spot ( if you were a true pirate that wasn’t a problem, you just commandeered a spot) your were greeted by the delicious smells of BBQ and the formidable appearance of pirates in full gear.... read more

Powerhouse Brewery: Featured Brewery Sept 09

We first discovered the Powerhouse Restaurant and Brewery, of Puyallup, while on the WABL Southend Brewery Bus Tour. We were impressed by the quality of the beers that ranged across an impressive variety of styles. Somehow we made it through the Brewery Bus Tour with only one growler and that growler was a delicious Doublebock from Powerhouse Brewery. Our favorite beer from Powerhouse that day, in fact our... read more
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