Black Velvet Champagne and Stout

Black Velvet Champagne and Stout Cocktail

Barking Dog Ale House is celebrating Seattle Beer Week and Mother’s Day with Black Velvet Champagne and Stout cocktail. Made with the Dogfather Imperial Stout, this cocktail is velvety black. It is smooth but deceptively strong. The stout is 10.5% ABV. But if mom was strong enough to raise you she can handle it. It might even help her remember why she loves you! if that isn’t enough, be sure to treat her to the brunch as well. The  brunch chicken tacos rocked!

It chocolatey-coffeeish stout with a robust flavor. The champagne adds more celebratory pizazz than flavor to this cocktail. This drink is all about a smooth, strong stout. It is well balanced with malty finish. ALthough you know I am not usually a fan of the coffee tasting stouts but this one is winning me over. The coffee is subtle and the barrel aging smoothes this complex brew. We forgive Barking Dog making this cocktail with an Idaho Brew because they currently have 80% of their taps on Washington beers. And we understand the appeal of the brew’s name in association with the name of the Ale house.