Beveridge Place Pub: Quality brew from near and far

I have already written about the great Silver City Brewery Eau Sombre we had last week at Beveridge Place Pub located in West Seattle (address: 6415 California Ave SW; phone (206) 932-9906).  First a big kudos to this fine establishment.  It is a very large establishment separated into two rooms.  The first room, containing the all important and gorgeous bar, has an assortment of dining tables, comfy chairs and couches and a variety of board games.  The room next to it contains a variety of games including pool.  The Beveridge Pub serves little in the way of food but they encourage you to order from a variety of great places that deliver directly to the pub (Pizza, Indian, Thai, Chinese, etc.).  A notebook of take out and delivery menus is available as is silverware, napkins and drinking water. We decided to order Thai food for our dinner.

Well needless to say, I drank my first glass of the Silver City Brewery Eau Sombre just before we dug into our Thai food and went to get another.  As this place specializes in unique beers, John the bartender, suggested I try one of his other rare selections.  As this is not a Washington beer, or even an American beer I am taking the opportunity to sing the praises of Beveridge Place Pub.  The beer he suggested was Hitachino XH Sour Brown.  Now if you are like me, you hear the word “sour” and even your cerebral cortex winces.  I dislike sour beers …well….immensely would be an understatement but lo and behold John was able to sell me on it.  One, he mentioned it was Belgian style beer (I am actually considering becoming Belgium because I love their beer so much) and two, he said that it was aged in Sake oak barrels. ( I love Sake and can’t wait to blog on the first Washington Sake to be produced.)  Third, I love trying rare beers and the Hitachino XH Sour Brown is only distributed from Japan once a year. The combination was both unique and delicious.  The sourness was VERY modest in comparison to other nasty sour varieties that others have forced upon me (you know who you are) and talk about a pairing!!  The Thai Squid-basil-onion-tomato salad and this beer were perfect.

So get out to Beveridge Place Pub and try The Silver City Brewery Eau Sombre and the Hitachino XH Sour Brown  as soon as you can.  Stay informed with what is on tap at the Beveridge Place Pub by following them on Twitter, @BPPub

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  1. Bean says:

    This was a deep dark beer with red highlights. The head was dense and moderate thickness. It was slightly sour with wood and fruit flavors. Sake came in first, then some fruit and the beer had a long dry finish. It was a complex beer with a lot of flavors to savor and enjoy!

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