Cheers to the Washington Brewers’ Guild for another fantastic and festive Winter Beer Fest! With 180 great Washington beers we thought it would be hard to find a favorite beer but it looks like we did and so did the crowd. Let’s start with the People’s Choice Beer Awards for each session

Fremont Brewing B-Bomb

Fremont Brewing B-Bomb

People Choice Washington Beer Winners Friday night:

1 – No-Li Brewhouse Mint Choco Chip Rise & Grind

2 – Fremont Brewing B-Bomb

3 – Cloudburst Brewing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

People Choice Washington Beer Winners Saturday afternoon:

1 – Icicle Brewing Dark Persuasion German Cake Ale

2 – Fremont Brewing B-Bomb

3 – Georgetown Brewing Gusto Crema

People Choice Washington Beer Winners Saturday night:

1 – No-Li Brewhouse Mint Choco Chip Rise & Grind

2 – Cloudburst Brewing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

2 – Hi-Fi Brewing Peppermint Woofer Porter

Cloudburst Brewing People's Choice Beer & Booth Winner

Cloudburst Brewing People’s Choice Beer & Booth Winner

The beer lovers here at Wine Beer Washington had our own favorites on Friday night.

  • One of us grabbed a glass of the Cloudburst My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and shared before the rest of us ran over to get our own. Just in time, to discover the keg had blown. Even though Ed only got a sip of the Fantasy, he still declared it his favorite beer of the night. It was Jonathan’s vote as well.
  • Call us traditionalists, creatures of habit or whatever. I started with the Fremont Brewing B-Bomb. Andy raved over the Fremont Brewing Cinnamon Coffee B-Bomb.
  • Silver City Brewery Bourbon Barrel Old Scrooge Christmas Ale was Vivian’s favorite.
  • I did have a hard time picking my one favorite of the night, but pin me to the wall I would say Standard Brewing Cranberry Sour because it was so delicious and such a great palate cleanser to the other heavy, rich and high octane beers.

Other Winter Beer Fest beers that really caught our attention included:

Bainbridge Brewing: Barrel-Aged Old Toe Jam Barley Wine is a great aged barley wine for the hop lover.

Counterbalance Brewing: Samsparilla Stout was an intriguing and tasty rootbeer stout combo.

Naked City Brewing: Bing is like cocoa covered cherries injected with Christmas spiced rum.

Postdoc Brewing: Brett Barrel Saison with Candied Oranges was an intriquing combo of sweet sour and funk.

Rooftop: 2016 Holiday Ale is probably the only holiday session ale you are going to find that is flavor packed!

Slaughter County Brewing: Jul Fruktosoppa was surprising because it was so full of fresh fruit flavors in a winter beer.