Naked City Brewery  hosted the October WABL event, Seahawks Monday night football in their screening room October 28, 2013. it was a celebration of great Washington beer and well, I will let you describe the football game in your own words.

Oude Houten Houten Kop

Naked City Oude Houten Houten Kop

Naked City’s  Oude Houten Houten Kop is a brooding strong Golden Belgian ale. In appearance, this Golden Belgian Ale is anything but golden. It is as opaque and dark as a Halloween night and just as scary at 12% ABV.  This ale comes by its dark color at least in part of its one year hibernation in a Heavenly Hills  bourbon barrels that previously housed the Big Lebrowski.
Take a few first sips of this cold ale and any sweetness it holds is playing hide and go seek. It continues hiding until the ale warms a wee bit. That is when you can start to really appreciate the complexity of this Belgian Ale. This Washington Belgian style ale tastes a bit like REAL LICORICE sweet and bit bitter, nothing like the packages of candy that you find at 7-11. The overall bitter notes are more resonant of coffee than pine resin. The Naked City Oude Houten Houten Kop is a smooth drinker with a velvet glove punch of booziness on the finish.

Naked City Barley Wine

Naked City Old Proper Barley Wine

Naked City Old Proper Barley wine is one of those OMG beers. I admit a barley wine  isn’t the best football beer but I couldn’t resist. At 13.5% ABV, this is one of those fireside type of beers I want to linger over. I imagine it will take an entire football half for me to savor this Barley Wine (OK I finished it a wee bit into the 4th quarter, it was so good!).  Dark and dense as black velvet this Washington Barley Wine drinks just as smooth.

Aged 10 months in Woodinville Whiskey barrels, Don Webb has crafted a perfect balance between beer and whiskey here.This is a barley wine whose finish has been elevated to
the smoothness of a good whiskey. Some beer purists may say that this beer is too boozy but I would disagree.  I say that is a well balanced sipper that has a time and place. Are you planning a sensual and seductive evening? This is the beer for for you.

Naked City Brewing Screening Room

Naked City Screening Room

Now if you are looking for a football beer, try out Naked City Chili Dobbs Gold at 4.5 ABV. Subtle  chili nose on this session drinker. The chile and hops add intrigue to this knock ’em back beer. This chili beer is perfect to pair with a burger and fries.

Naked City Wild at Heart Sour beer is tangy. Burgundy barrel aged, Wild at Heart shows its beer and wine character. Brewer Don Webb let the barrels do their magic to craft a very drinkable sours

Can’t wait to see where WABL is hanging out next month.