Fremont Oktoberfest

With our unseasonably warm weather and the great planning of Bold Hat Productions Fremont Oktoberfest has been my favorite event of the season.  The beer tasting garden tents were increased and spread out more so the few lines that formed moved quickly. Multiple tasting lounges, sponsored by various breweries, provided a retreat for revelers. Friday evening at Fremont Oktoberfest was fun, festive and everyone was enjoying themselves.

Tasting Tips

A few tips I would offer to get the best out of this event.  First, there is German Beer tent (no. 6) that was very popular.  Crowds were forming during the first half hour of the Oktoberfest  so it would be worthwhile to start your tasting here.  Of the German beers, my favorite was the Hacker-Pschorr Maibock with wonderful malty notes and great hoppy finish.  Jonathan and I  really liked the Hofbrau Dunkel as well.

Tip 2:  Interesting beers to taste.  Jonathan and I both enjoyed Widmer Brothers Lemongrass Wheat Ale.  Loved this beer!!!  It is also made with Muscat grapes and was the first beer keg to go dry. Much to our disappointment, as we wanted the Lemongrass Wheat Ale to be our last taste of the evening.  This beer is available in a limited bottling, so look for it at your favorite beer store after the brewfest. Alaskan Brewing Co.  poured Alaskan Perseverance Ale, a wonderful beer but at ABV 9% a little goes a long way.  A beer I enjoyed, that was an absolute Hop Bomb, was Sound Brewery’s Humula Nimbus also with a kick-your-butt ABV of 8.5%.  Thank you Zac from Sound Brewing for sharing that hop sensation.  If you are into IPAs I also recommend Trade Route Brewing Co.’s Hoppy Bitch IPA.  Another beer you should try is Widmer’s Falconer’s IPA.  Thanks to Chad O. Farrell of Widmer for sharing his story on Falconers hop and of future Widmer endeavors. In Oktoberfest style beers, we liked Chuckanut Brewery and Widmers best of the beers that we tried. Stalwart we are but we can’t try all of the beers at Fremont Oktoberfest in a single evening.

Tip 3:  Taste  the Ciders! Nothing screams autumn like the amazing ciders served at this event.  Woodchuck Hard Cider from Middlebury, Vermont offered a tart Granny Smith cider and a more full bodied Amber cider.  Our favorite beverage of the night was the Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider from Colfax, CA.  We ended up going back for Blackberry Pear Cider two more times it was so delicious.

Tip 4: Mistica Wines were pouring wine for your buddies that haven’t developed the same love of beer that you have. We tried a red and a white wine, Argentinian Malbac and a Torrontes.  I enjoyed both these wines and appreciated that they served them at the optimal temperature.


There are several vendors selling food and all sort of good music.  People were HAPPY and everyone was having a great time. Very little drunkeness but lots of people enjoying great beer, food and music.

If you are worried about missing the Huskies, Sounders or Seahawks this weekend don’t fret.  There is the Double Coverage Sports Lounge that will show these events during the weekend.

The one weird aspect of the event was the Camel Tow Tent.  A tent set up with a sign for 21+ adult only/ no photographs.  I was wanting to ask about what this was about and if I can photograph the entrance as seen by all the revelers but I was refused.  Dejected and abashed I scrambled away from this nefarious den of iniquity.  Be Warned.  I do not know what is in that tent…saw a few brave souls go in…no one come out.