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Woodslake Due Anni

A couple of years ago, a bottle of Patterson Cellars Woodslake Due Anni red wine was the “IT” present at a Christmas party. I lost track of how many times that bottle of wine circled the room as people dissatisfied with the wine they had opened, stole the Woodslake Due Anni from someone else. The party gift rules stated bring a wrapped bottle of wine $15 or under and the Due Anni was the star... read more

Chatter Creek 2007 Viognier: Elegant Bargain

When searching for a summer white wine, you will probably see 2010 vintages on the shelf of your favorite wine store but don’t pass over the 2007 Chatter Creek Viognier especially when you can buy it for under $10. This Washington Viognier is a dry and delicate white wine.  Serve it slightly chilled for a refreshing apertif but don’t let this wine get too cold or some of its best... read more

I didn’t know Jack: 2009 Saviah Jack

Saviah The Jack is well known as an economical red Washington wine, but WHICH red wine? For me, Saviah The Jack was synonymous with Syrah but there is a Saviah The Jack Cabernet Sauvignon and a Saviah The Jack Red so I was curious when Washington Wine Report chose the Saviah Jack Red Wine  as the June virtual tasting wine. Saviah Cellars is in Walla Walla but the The Jack Red is sourced from Columbia... read more

Buried Cane 2007 Syrah is a Steal

Run, don’t walk, to your favorite wine store to buy Buried Cane 2007 Syrah. If you hurry, and you are lucky, you can pick up one of the last bottles available of this exceptional Washington Syrah. A lot has been written about the glut of Washington Syrah on the market but a wine makers’ sorrow is a Syrah lover’s joy. Some excellent Syrah has been released under second labels at... read more

Wine World Warehouse: Superstore to Offer Selection and Service

Wine World Warehouse is coming to Wallingford! A wine superstore, Wine World Warehouse will not only be the biggest wine store in Washington, but the largest wine store in the Northwest when it opens this December in north Seattle. Superstore Wine World Warehouse will boast over 6000 different wines in over 23,000 square foot of retail space. That is a lot of room to stock wine and wine amenities. It will... read more
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