Belgianfest 2013: Bigger and Better

Belgianfest 2013 was a dream day for sour beer lovers. I think there was close to twice the number of sour beers than at prior Belgianfests.  As a sour beer lover, I was a very happy girl.This was the 4th annual belgianfest and I think it was the Washington Beer Commission’s ‘best one yet. Previous Belgianfests were really crowded but this second year at the Bell Harbor Conference Center was a... read more

Whiny Complainer Release Tuesday

Pliny Who? Looking for a local triple IPA? Russian River is no longer distributing in Washington but who cares when Seattle has a new triple IPA in town! Big Time Brewery will be releasing Whiny the Complainer on tap and in 22oz bottles. This new Washington brew is the pride and joy of Drew Cluley, Big Time Brewery head brewer. This is a very limited release. You best chance to get a bottle of Whiny the... read more

Belgianfest 2013

Belgianfest offers the best of Belgium and Washington in one event! On February 2, 2013, Washington brewers offer Washington beers made with distinctive Belgian yeast during the annual Belgianfest Featured beer styles include: Tripels Dubbles Saisons Wits Abbeys Lambics Over 80+ Belgian-style beers crafted by Washington breweries will be available for tasting during the two sessions of Belgian fest. The... read more

Experimental Spicy Fremont IPA

Fremont Brewing is one of Washington’s more creative breweries. I like to sample their one-off experimental beers like Fremont IPA w/ Medjool Dates & Garam Masala. This version of Fremont IPA smells sweet but drinks dry.  It looks and smells like pumpkin pie but the lingering hop bitterness erases any illusions of pumpkin pie. This beer knows it is an IPA, not pie, and is not afraid to show... read more

Think Pink for Thanksgiving

Blustery rain storms don’t usually inspire me to drink a rosé wine, except for Thanksgiving time. It can be challenging to pair a single wine with the myriad of flavors. You can close your eyes and see a table laden with Thanksgiving favorites: turkey, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, squash and pumpkin pie. Many will go for a nice Washington white wine based on the turkey. I... read more

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