Will YOU volunteer for beer?

Issaquah Brewery is hosting the first annual Frogs and Dogs Festival and they need YOU to make it fantastic for two and four legged creatures!

The Frogs and Dogs Festival is an outdoor gathering of everything in food or beer that involves either frogs or dogs.  Here is the beer line up:

Frogs and Dogs Festival

Frogs and Dogs Festival

  • Laughing Buddha
  • Boundary Bay
  • Georgetown
  • Mac & Jacks
  • Snoqualmie
  • Hair of the Dog
  • Flying Dog
  • Laughing Dog
  • Sea Dog
  • Dogfish Head
  • White Frog Ale
  • Ménage a Frog

Volunteers Needed: Get in free, get a shirt and join the Issaquah Brewhouse family.
For more information visit or contact Brett Joyce at (503) 241-3800 or email

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