Where in the Wine Beer World is Ebony? Vol. 1

Actually asking Where in the Wine Beer World is Ebony question is a bit of a misnomer. We will give you a  big hint, on this blog the World is usually confined to Washington state!

Lately we have had a lot of people approach us wanting to take pictures of Ebony. Inspired by WinePress Northwest’s Where in Northwest Wine Country, we wanted to utilize Ebony’s popularity to help our readers learn more about Washington beer and wine. This is part photo opportunity, part teachable moment and part contest. We will be posting pictures of Ebony at barrel rooms, breweries, brew pubs, events, vineyards and wineries. She might be photographed with beer and wine icons, easily recognizable or may be with someone behind the scenes, but very important to getting your beverage into your glass! Sometimes there will be prizes, sometimes there will just be the fun of learning something new or bragging rights for guessing correctly.


Which barrel room is Ebony in?

Where is Ebony?

This week’s clue: This isn’t the most descriptive of pictures so we are giving you a big clue this time. Bean and Eric Hwang, of Bricks of Wine, both blogged about one of the wines from this winery in posts about Taste Washington weekend.

Is Ebony in the barrel room at:

Enter your guess into the comments section below. We will randomly select a winner from the correct guesses next Friday. The winner wins a free tasting for two at the winery!

    9 Responses to “Where in the Wine Beer World is Ebony? Vol. 1”

    1. Eric Hwang says:

      Thanks, Bean for the mention. I posted to Facebook as well. Good luck to everyone.

    2. Andrea says:

      No matchbook so it can’t be Otis Kenyon, so I saw O wines

    3. winebeerWA says:

      Deadline tomorrow to win the Where in the Wine Beer World is Ebony? Vol. 1 contest!

    4. Taryn says:

      I am going with O·S Winery!

      • Bean says:

        Congratulations Taryn!
        You were randomly selected from the correct responses of OS Winery! You win the free tasting for two. After your tasting please come back and tell us what you think of the OS Riesling.

    5. Dawn says:

      gah I put my guess last week on the Facebook page instead of here. I say it is OS winery

    6. David Hardie says:

      Olympic celllars for sure

    7. Shona says:

      I’m guessing OS.

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