WABL Oktoberfest moving to Enumclaw

Oktoberfest has been around since 1810, but the WABL version keeps reinventing itself. In the past, it has been held at Pyramid Brewery and at St Edwards Park. It’s latest reincarnation is a joint effort with the city of Enumclaw. This year Enumclaw is putting together their first annual Oktoberfest, October 9-10, 2010 at the Enumclaw Exposition Center (formerly the King County Fairgrounds).

More than a brewfest, this Oktoberfest is an all ages event that will feature food, music, culture and of course BEER! The Washington Beer Commission will be sponsoring the Black Forest Beer Garden at the Enumclaw Oktoberfest. Instead of putting on its own independent brewfest, the Washington Beer Commission will be part of a larger Oktoberfest celebration. Details will be coming soon!

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