Time for Something New

After wearing the same dress for over two years, Wine Beer Washington decided it was time to change our look. We spent some time looking at the posts that our readers seemed to enjoy the most and we discovered that pictures make you smile and you really want to know about the beer and wine events in Washington state. Our fellow beer lovers wanted beer to appear a bit more predominantly on our site as well. With that in mind we came up with a four step plan to make your visit to Wine Beer Washington more enjoyable.

Phase One: Design 1.0

Our original design had the goal of simple and easy to read but we heard you wanted more graphics. We have added more into the base design hoping to make it easy and fun to read. Whether you are a hop monster or grape lover we hope this design lets you know that this is the place to be.
When we spiced up our graphics, we spent special attention to beer. The footer section boasts a lacy head and the beer expands as we add more information there. Don’t miss the hop bulleted lists. Look for more beer information in the future phases.
We all have busy lives and we want to find information FAST. The new design is easy to scan to quickly find the topics that interest you. We are implementing tabbed boxes like this that are easy to scan. We are starting to include an information box on our event posts so you can quickly access ticket information.

Phase Two: Better Events Listings

We have tried to keep up with the beer and wine events in the state and it is a daunting task. When we are on top of it there were so many events listed here but they were challenging to search. Other times we were just too busy to keep up with the submissions. In the next week or two, we will be launching a new event system. The new system will include:

  • event maps
  • single pages for events with pictures and details if available
  • search system to search events by category, date and location
  • system to submit your own events to the listing
  • ical and rss feeds of our event listings

Phase Three: Design 2.0

Today you are looking at a base redesign. In the coming weeks, we will be refining this design to make it even easier and more efficient to use.  We will be tweaking some of the design elements We will be styling page types so the tasting note posts have all of the information that you are looking for when searching tasting notes. It will include the ability to add your own rankings as well because we understand how palates differ. Our own palates on the Wine Beer Washington team vary quite a bit ourselves! The category pages will be more attractive and easier to use as well.  Part of Design 2.0 is setting up for our new Directory.

Phase Four: Directory

For a long time we have wanted to provide a detailed brewery and winery directory on our site. We have wanted to create a directory that not only lists the name and addresses but also includes their social media information and links to our reviews. We think we have finally found the software to make this task possible for a couple of hobby bloggers to take on. Look for the directory later this summer.

So what do you think? Please let us know!

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