THINK AND DRINK: The Politics Behind Your Pint

Think and DrinkThe political season is upon us and Washington has another liquor law on the ballot, Initiative Measure No. 1183 concerns liquor: beer, wine, and spirits (hard liquor). Before deciding the future of Washington state liquor laws, learn more about the past. The inaugural THINK AND DRINK is Wednesday, September 21 at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse. THINK AND DRINK is a conversational forum presented by and KUOW exploring the stories behind our Washington liquor laws.


Steve Scher: Event moderator and host of KUOW’s Weekday
William Rorabaugh: University of Washington professor and author of “The Alcoholic Republic: An American Tradition
Charles Finkel: Founder/president of Pike Brewing Co.

State Liquor Laws

Washington liquor laws are a confusing maze, particularly when deciphering the differences between beer and wine laws. At the Beer Blogger conference, we spent two sessions on focusing on beer laws. I learned a lot and this video, shared by Biergirl was a great illustration of just how convoluted state liquor laws can be.

THINK AND DRINK: The Politics behind Your Pint

September 21 7-10pm

Naked City Brewery & Tap House


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