Pike Brewing Chocofest Celebrates Sensual Delights



Pike Brewing‘s Chocofest is an opportunity to revel in your passion for chocolate. Billed as “Foreplay before the Big Day“, the 3rd annual Chocofest is February 10, 2011, annually held on the Thursday before Valentine’s Day.

Charles and Rose Ann Finkel

Charles and Rose Ann Finkel

Join your hosts Charles and Rose Ann Finkel as your hosts for a decadent evening of sampling exquisite chocolate treats, paired with a dazzling array of beer, wine and spirits. Enjoy local treats and the samples from around the world. The Microbrewery Museum and the Naughty Nellie Room will be set up with chocolate stations interspersed with beverage tables where experts will be pouring samples of beer, wine and spirits.  Over two dozen chocolate vendors, such as Fran’s Chocolates, Theo Chocolates, Trevani Chocolates will entice you with their treats from truffles to gelato.  Pair your chocolate treats with local and international beers, Washington wine and international wines, mead, whiskey and even absinthe!

Pacific Distillery

Pacific Distillery Absinthe

Nancy wrote about her favorite chocolate and beverage pairings of the 2010 Chocofest which included truffle salt embedded in Xocalati dark chocolate. My favorite pairing was Absinthe from Pacific Distillery and Pike Tandem Gelato from Gelatiamo.  There are three things that I really appreciate about this event:

  1. Beverages and chocolate are paired together but there isn’t just one perfect pairing. Walk around and experiment to find YOUR favorite pairings.
  2. The attention given to local producers while providing international options to compare and contrast.
  3. Small and intimate festival with gracious hosts. This is NOT an impersonal trade show in a cavernous space

Chocofest is February 10, 2011 5:30-9:00. Tickets are only $25. Chocofest sold out last year so call  or email Tara to get your tickets (206) 812-6604

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    Over 24 different chocolates, over 20 different beer, wine, spirits: @pikebrewing Chocofest sensual delights

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