Pike Brewer Reunion: Celebrating Brewer Expertise, Skill and Community

If you have been trying to keep track of Washington brewer affiliation, you might feel like you are playing a game of musical chairs as brewers seek out new challenges, opportunities and life styles. In fact one of your goals of Seattle Beer Week might be to find out where all of your favorite brewers are these days! There has been a recent flurry of activity but it part of the brewery culture and brewer evolution to do a bit of leap frogging. It isn’t uncommon for someone to leave a brewery to develop new skill, gain additional experience and then return to the brewery, possibly in another capacity. You would expect competition and “company secret recipes” to prevent this mix and mingle of brewery expertise and development but beer community manages to strive for that balance between community and competition that leads to business success.

Pike Brewery Big Time Brewery

Brewers wear many different shirts in their careers

Many world class brewers have spent some time scurrying in rubber boots at Pike Brewing. Pike Brewing Company is well known for promoting beer community and beer education, as well as beer excellence. Their commitment to all three are evident in their bringing together fourteen of their previous brewers together to share some of the beers that they are brewing now on Saturday, May 21 2-5pm as part of the Seattle Beer Week celebration.

  • Fal Allen with Anderson Valley Brewery, Boonville, California
  • Dick Cantwell, Elysian Brewery, Seattle
  • Drew Cluley, Big Time Brewery, Seattle
  • Kevin Forhan, Ram Brewery, Seattle
  • Frank Helderman, Terminal Gravity Brewery, Enterprise,Oregon
  • Bill Jenkins, Elliott Bay Brewing Company, Seattle
  • Shawn Loring, Lazy Boy Brewing Company, Edmonds
  • Skip Madsen: American Brewing Company, Everett
  • Dean Mochizuki, Pike Brewing Co, Seattle
  • Abil Bradshaw, Pike Brewing Co, Seattle
  • Jason Parker, Derby Distilling Co., Seattle
  • Dean Priebe: Icicle Brewery, Leavenworth
  • Janelle Pritchard, not currently affiliated
  • Larry Rock, Sales Rep for Pike’s distributor, Click, Seattle
  • PLUS Pike Brewing current brewing team: Jan Balcom, Meg Bragg, Art Dixon, Mike Fagerness, Steve French, Adam Korby, Adam Palmer, Kelly Wiese

Come meet the brewers, taste some of the beers that they are making now and collect 2011 Limited Edition Pike Trading Card set.
Available for $1.00 per card, come trade until you collect a whole set!  Proceeds will benefit The Pink Boots Society® an organization that “inspires, encourages and empowers women to advance their careers in the Beer Industry through networking and education.”

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