Great deal on picnic bottles!

I love a good wine deal and today I stumbled across a GREAT deal on Washington wines.

I love the whole concept of selling half-bottles. They are the perfect size for picnics or those nights when you are in the mood for a glass of wine but not to open an entire bottle of wine.  The problem is that all of that extra packaging adds significant cost. Often the half bottles are just a few dollars shy of a whole bottle price. My friends and I are big fans of McCrea Cellar wines and I gave out several bottles as stocking stuffers over the holidays. I could rationalize the price when the purchases were gifts.


McCrea Cellars Sale

I am a red tag shopper and lots of wine sellers are marking down their wines to make room for new releases. At my Lake City Fred Meyers, I was delighted to see a whole rack of half-bottles for 50% off. The best part was that 80% were quality McCrea Cellars wines.  Selection will vary by store but at the Lake City Fred Meyers the following McCrea Cellars wines were available in half-bottles at 50% off.

  • McCrea Cellars – Boushey Vineyard 2006 Sirocco Blanc
  • McCrea Cellars – Ciel du Cheval Vin Rosé
  • McCrea Cellars – 2006 Syrah
  • McCrea Cellars – 2006 non sequitur

Grab a few bottles just in time for picnics this spring! For $5.25 you can split a bottle on a romantic picnic and not have to worry about transporting open bottles of left over wine.

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