Diamond Knot Celebrates 15 years!

Not only is¬†Diamond Knot Brewing Co, our featured brewery of the month, Diamond Knot Brewery, Snohomish County’s oldest operating brewery,¬†is celebrating 15 years of brewing. Diamond Know Brewery is throwing a week-long party to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their first keg sale of their now-legendary India Pale Ale (IPA) and a Bavarian-style Hefeweizen.

From October 11th through the 15th, Diamond Knot Brewery and Alehouse will be tapping some vintage kegs at 6pm every evening to celebrate their 15 years of fine beer craftsmanship.  On the 15th, the celebration climaxes with a vertical tasting of the last four years of the Ho! Ho! Winter Ale. Although most people think of wine when they think of vertical tastings, aged holiday beers can be a true treat. The brewers are all a buzz about one of these aged winter ales, if I was a more generous soul I would tell you which one. You will have to come and try them all for yourself!

Diamond_Knot on a Sunday Afternoon

Diamond_Knot on a Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, October 11th

Bourbon Barrel HoHo vintage 2007
Pumpkin Ale 2008

Monday, October 12th

Herberts Legendary Ale vintage 2006

Tuesday, October 13th

XXX Shipwreck IPA vintage 2006
XXX Shipwreck IPA vintage 2007

Wednesday, October 14th

Slane’s Irish Ale vintage 2007
XXX Shipwreck vintage 2007

Thursday, October 15th

Ho Ho Winter Ale  vintage 2005
Ho Ho Winter Ale  vintage 2006
Ho Ho Winter Ale  vintage 2007
Ho Ho Winter Ale  vintage 2008

Come join the celebration in Mukilteo and raise your glass to Diamond Know Brewery, a proud Washington brewery!

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