5 Pigs, 5 Chefs, 5 Winemakers: Cochon 555 is coming to Seattle!

Cochon 555, a  national chef competition featuring: Five Chefs, Five Pigs and Five Winemakers will be in Seattle on May 23, 2011.  The US road trip of Cochon 555 is a ten stop tour and chef competition designed to highlight and promote heritage breed pigs and whole animal utilization. In each city, chefs are selected for their creativity in whole animal utilization and commitment to local agriculture. In turn, each chef creates dishes from one heritage breed pig. Guests and trade professionals vote on the best, based on presentation, utilization and overall best flavor. One chef from each city is crowned Prince or Princess of Porc. Winners  are eligible to compete in the championship in Aspen, June 18-22 for the title of King or Queen of Porc.

Cochon 555

photo by Cochon 555

Five Chefs

Chefs from some of Seattle’s finest restaurants will each prepare an entire 140 pound heritage breed pig. The chef may pre-cook, braise, grill, press, pickle, rub, smoke, sear, sauce, spice, inject, marinate, cure, or otherwise prepare the pig.

Five Pigs

pig butchering

Photo by Cochon 555

Heritage breed pigs are hardy animals that were raised for meat, bacon and lard.  In earlier times, these pigs lived on grass, grains and fallen fruit, and farm scraps. Unfortunately, while delicious, these breeds are not well suited to industrial farming and are in danger of being lost.

  • The Berkshire: Black pig known for its flavorful lean meat
  • The Tamworth: This red pig is direct descendant of wild boar and is praised for its bacon.
  • The Red Wattle: This heritage breed is very rare, almost extinct despite its dark, lean meat.
  • The Duroc: This is considered one of the juiciest and tastiest of breeds
  • The Gloucester Old Spot:  Also known as Iron Age Pig, it used to be raised in large numbers across the US.
  • The Yorkshire: This breed originated in England and is happiest in pastures vs the modern pig pen.
  • The Large Black: This breed is another pasture pig with small shoulders but favored for its lean hams.

Ryan Farr, resident butcher 4505 Meats, will demonstrate a whole pig breakdown.

Five Winemakers

Five family owned Northwest wineries will be pouring their wines to pair with the chef’s delectable pork creations.

The Event

Cochon 555 Seattle stop is May 23 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center. Tickets must be purchased in advance and portion of ticket proceeds will benefit Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance.

General Admission: Begins at 5pm and guests will enjoy a standing reception where they can taste the chef creations and sample Northwest wines.  Beer from Pike Brewery will also be available for your tasting pleasure. In addition, there will be a whole roasted pig  and swine infused desserts by Xocolatl de DavidTickets for general admission are $125.

VIP Experience: Start early at 3:30pm with an oyster and wine tasting  of reserve wines. Enjoy artisan cheeses from DeLaurenti while sipping on savory cocktails by Daniel Hyatt of Alembic SF and craft brews from Pike Brewing Company. Guests can meet and greet with the chefs, winemakers and judges of COCHON 555. VIP Experience tickets  are $175.

After Party!: The American Lamb Board is sponsoring an after party at Earth & Ocean and they promise it will “feature a handful of surprises.

Cochon 555 was created by Brady Lowe, and his company Taste Network in response to the lack of consumer education around heritage pig breeds.

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