Our Rankings

How we review

We evaluate beer and wine as you might.  We drink it at the picnic table, on the patio, at the pub, at the restaurant, on a picnic or in formal tastings. Other bloggers may choose to review their beverages in a strictly controlled environment to prevent outside influences impacting their evaluation. We believe that type of review has its place in the world. As scientists, we can appreciate the value of a controlled experiment, but we are taking a different path. One of the themes of this blog, is to make Washington beer and wine more accessible. One of the ways that we aim to do this, is by conducting our reviews less formally. Our goal here is not to tell you all of the characteristics of a wine enjoyed under optimum conditions. Instead, we will share our perceptions of a beverage as we enjoy it, in situations that may be similar to where you would choose to imbibe.

How we rank

When we are posting a review on a single beer or wine, we will assign a ranking to it. As an alternative to assigning a number or stars to a review, our rankings reflect more upon the utility of the beverage. A strong factor in our personal appreciation of wine and beer is how willing we are to share and with whom.  Something that doesn’t appeal to our personal palate, we will gladly give away. A good find, we will want to share with others. An even better find, we will reserve for the people we love. The very best of the best, we covet and long for, even after it is gone. Much like Gollum and his precioussssssssssss ring.

  • It didn’t kill me so I must be stronger
  • Give it to Mikey, he will drink anything
  • You can have mine
  • Good for drinking games
  • Bring it to the company picnic
  • Give it to the boss before asking for a raise
  • Will stick this in my private stash
  • Will trade for sexual favors
  • This is ‘my Preciousssssssssssssss’

Who reviews

If we are lucky, we will be able to share the beers and wines here with each other and friends.  Some of the reviews will be from just Bean or just Ed or perhaps a guest blogger. If we are reviewing a sponsored beer or wine, we will make sure that at least two people contribute to the review. We envision the blog posts to be just the beginning of a review and we hope that you will help us complete the review with your own comments.